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Enjoy Your Xbox One with this Boxing Games

Boxing Games For Xbox One
Last week we have discussed about the best racing game forthe Xbox 360, now we will explore the best boxing game for Xbox One.
Boxing is the most popular sport after soccer. The world community has enjoyed performances from a great performance shown by world boxing star. As Manny Pacquiao, Floyd Mayweather Jr, Connor McGregor, Ricky Hatton, and other well-known boxer world.

Boxing matches are usually held with a total of 12 rounds for the upper middle class. As for the middle and lower classes were held with a total of 10 rounds or eight rounds.
Besides Boxing as a sport, not a few people who use this game as a betting event (gambling). Often the online gambling sites hold a draw against title match.

Boxing game popularity increases with the level of events held worldwide known as the WBO or WBA. Although you are not a lover of boxing, I am sure you know the game PacMan fight raged between Floyd Mayweather some time ago.

At least the name Muhammad Ali, Mike Tyson and Joe frazier. They are famous legendary boxer. Even when Muhammad Ali died, the entire people of the world to pay their respects very valuable to him. All the presidents of the world's enthusiasm came corpse Ali to convey condolences.
That's the sport of boxing is very popular in the world. Until you'll join hypnotized when watching it on the glass layer.

So do not be surprised if used as a boxing game for Xbox One. Given the very large number of users who liked the Xbox sports games category. Both the children and adults. Boxing game has been very widely circulated in the world. The most popular example is the Fight Night.

EA released the game with a variety of considerations. So in terms of graphics, gameplay, and control the game is well-liked by many people. So no wonder when Fight Night is constantly increasing Series players and used by vendors who came from the USA.


This is most popular  boxing's game, even aside from gamers Xbox One also play. You can see clearly how the blood came out when it blows hard on your face.
Fight Night Series began in 2004, when EA released the first Fight Night. Then to round 2, EA launched in 2005. The next year, Fight Night Round 3 return sold and became very popular for lovers of boxing games on Xbox One. But unfortunately, stopped releasing EA Fight Night Round 4 and Fight Night Champion for Xbox One. Until now, the game lovers in the ring, still awaiting the release of Fight Night Round 5, especially the users of Xbox One. Hopefully you can play it in this year.
fight night on xbox one


mortal kombat xl xbox one
Although this is not a tangible boxing game for real, but you are biased to feel how real blow. Mortal Kombat has had many fans in the world. In this game, you will be venturing to fight villains that hinder your goals. Remove the mainstay moment you have.


ufc xbox one
It is a popular sport other than boxing. At first glance similar to Thai Boxing UFC. But the game comes from the USA showing different games. In addition to using the bias by using a fist punch, kick with the foot is also permitted in the official rules of the UFC. What are you waiting for? Come soon play UFC in your home.


tekken 7 xbox one
This is similar to Mortal Kombat. You will fight the enemy melawn to achieve your mission. Kick which could issue a fire is one of the movement in Tekken 7. I'm sure you'll love it.


Injustice 2 ULTIMATE EDITION xbox one
The graph spoil your eyes. Makes you feel a real adventure. Although this is absolutely not a boxing game, but a punch held in Injustice similar to PacMan biased deadly blow opponents.


super puch out xbox one
Although it has a chart that is not too modern, super punch-out will hypnotize you to continue to linger in front of the Xbox one layer. Gameplay is carried in this game is also very interesting.


The game features a very unique character in it. Characters are shown to have hair that is diverse, not just as a boxer in general bald. You can find a boxer with afro hair.

Knockout KINGS 2002

knockout kings 2002 xbox one
One more game that EA output is extraordinary and loved by many gamers. Knockout Kings boxing game featuring a very stressful and make your eyes do not blink in completing the game of boxing in the ring. 


wii sport boxing xbox one
Do not be too serious in watching boxing matches. This game shows the funny side of the boxing world. The characters were created not as a boxer that we often see on TV screens, but the cartoon characters will make you laugh when playing.

 that is our review about best Boxing games for Xbox One that you can playing in your home.If you have some suggestion please tell me in comment form.

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