Monday, November 7, 2016

How to solve the (0xc000007b) Unable to Start Error

As a PC Gamer, you will find the most problem when you will playing the game on your Computer, such as your PC not has enough maximum performance to run the game because your CPU or GPU belongs to low specificaton, Oh No!! I think you must be savings much your money to buy new "armament" like I am doing right now :')

In addition, playing the game not just the hobby for the most people, in this era, Gaming like a favorite profession, you has got information how Pewdiepie earn much money by playing the game, and maybe you also ever hear big gift on Dota 2 Competition, and now we can assume that gaming not just for forgotten your problem, but it also the great job in the world.
Well on this article i will show you to solving one of the thousands problem that PC Gamer has when launching the game on their PC, you will solving problem 0xc00007b “the application was unable to start correctly” after read this post. Okay let’s see it!

1. This is error message when you started the game, on this picture, you can see the it when i was open Dying Light

2. You need download the aio210 to fix this problem, click HERE to download

3. Unzip the file, you can use WinRar or other app

4. Run as administrator on aio-runtimes.exe

5. See on this below picture, do it like i do

6. Click on Install

7. Wait Until Finish

8. Now open the game, it must be worked and solving your problem

Leave a comment when you have the problem on this tutorial

Note: If You find the failed message when installing, it mean the application has instaled on your computer 

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