Monday, June 13, 2016

UEFA Euro 2016 France Free Download

UEFA Euro 2016 DLC's best feature is the undeniable fact that it costs absolutely nothing for owners of Pro Evolution Soccer 2016. Otherwise, there is hardly anything to become even remotely enthusiastic about. Sure, There‘s a little bit of eye candy inside the menus, modelled following the colours from the French tournament, which basically means many blue. But even the Stade de France is not fully decked out inside the tournament's colours and drapes, and also the game depends upon one branded video to spotlight the large moments, for example in the beginning from the competition or qualifying coming from the group stages. Altogether, there is a half-baked feel towards the entire thing.

What ultimately saves Konami's Euro 2016 DLC is at its core, it is still PES 2016. There is still an excellent fast-paced football simulator here that produces enjoyable matches again and again, and forces one to be creative in creating goal scoring opportunities. The PES franchise hasn‘t been known to its bells and whistles (which has always been FIFA's forte ) but when you are looking for the afternoon filled with European national team action, the bare minimum content will serve you well.

As to the unlicensed squads, you are able to always depends upon PES' highly active community, and that is certain to deliver complete and updated squads (something Konami again does not ) to reach with highly detailed textures, kits and bodies, replete with tattoos. But while PC fans can easily mod their game files, not everyone may have equal admittance to the user-generated content.

But even that won't have the ability to help using the utter lack of latest content for PES fans on display here. Konami is giving the Euro 2016 DLC a retail release to the PlayStation, and that is pretty much an old book wrapped inside a new skin. This has to become a missed chance of Konami, that has perennially struggled against EA Sports' FIFA when it comes to sales. Tournament-themed games have an enormous ready-made market, and EA's efforts - while never extraordinary - have done quite well during the past. However the UEFA Euro 2016 expansion for PES 2016 brings very little to some seven-month-old game, and that is unacceptable.


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