Tuesday, June 28, 2016

The Technomancer-CODEX

The Technomancer, a game developed by Spiders was released on the platform PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC dated June 21, 2016 as reported on the statement by the publisher, Focus Home Interactive.
Here you will play as Zachariah, a rookie Technomancer of Abundance, you are not alone in completing missioon of this game, but you will be get some help by soldiers who have been provided by the team Technomancer a magnificent company on the planet Mars. Technomancer are the warriors who harness the power that has been implanted in their bodies. They are very resilient so as to have sufficient strength and exceptional strategy to defeat the enemies that threaten their planet, Technomancer soldier ready to die to defend their istan who are on the planet Mars.
Mars is a dangerous place, ready to come up to the threat from anywhere. Starting from bandits, soldiers spy, Technomancer from rival company Aurora and even a wide variety of mutated creatures. You are required to fight using strategies if you want to survive. You must have a high skill and a great effort to conquer your enemies in this game.

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