Wednesday, May 11, 2016

TransOcean 2 Rivals-CODEX

TransOcean 2 : Rivals you face a brand new challenge like the boss of your shipping line : The international competition has gotten plenty tougher and also the battle for the foremost lucrative contracts has only just begun. Are you going to flourish in sweeping your rivals coming from the seven seas and leading your shipping line to global success and renown?
The Game

TransOcean 2 : Rivals, the next chapter from the successful business simulation TransOcean, offers days of entertaining play either alone in its three single-player modes – Campaign, Endless Game and Competition - or with friends inside a thrilling, competitive multiplayer mode.

Start along with your newly founded shipping line in one among 60 ports and start your job with a little fleet of worn-out old Feeders, the smallest kinds of ship in TransOcean 2 : Rivals. Choose your port wisely and complete your first contracts to nearby ports in an effort to generate your first funds. Conduct your company with brains, plan your voyages with foresight and don’t underestimate external factors such as the price of oil or your rival companies. This really is how you‘ll slowly expand your fleet and establish subsidiaries across the entire world. Are you currently as much as mastering all the difficulties?

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