Wednesday, May 11, 2016

TASTEE Lethal Tactics-CODEX

TASTEE lifts the concept but makes primarily UI changes inwith it, along with throwing in certain special actions and named, instead of identikit, anonymous units. This, coupled with increased colour and detailed instead of neon-skeletal environments means it feels more varied than Synapse, but the value purchased this is actually the purity from the challenge. An essential tension isn’t there, as battles are longer and woolier, but that’s certainly not a nasty thing. Partly since it sets TASTEE more aside from Synapse than it otherwise would happen to be, and partly since it enables for a bit more mucking around, instead of the constant fear that each decision is life or death.

Nevertheless, Frozen Synapse did possess a slightly more forgiving singleplayer mode, but it was eventually the in-your-own-time, play-by-email-esque multiplayer that really sold it. TASTEE has that too in fact, and I suspect it’ll be actually lives or dies on, like the singleplayer mission mode ultimately doesn’t seem terribly satisfying. It’s got thirty missions with some sort of objective and a few thoughtfully cruel chokepoints, but despite some attempts at story inside the mission briefings and also a unit unlock system, they are available off feeling pretty disconnected with no meaningful sense of progression.


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