Friday, May 6, 2016

Shadow Complex Remastered-CODEX

Shadow Complex is essentially the storyline of an undesirable man trapped inside a 2D plane inside a 3D world, during which enemies can run around and backwards and forwards, while he slides inexorably towards the left or right, up or down, mystified by their dimensional traversal. Also his girlfriend, with whom he was going hiking inside the woods, is captured by some kind of military organisation following the couple stumbled on the secret underground base under the trees. The narrative is really a clodding arse of embarrassing drivel.

So you need to dart about, shooting in the faces of respawning enemies, attempting to find secrets and finding new skills, in an effort to rescue her. (This can be a game that‘s so hilariously determined to remove any agency coming from the female lead that at one point she’s literally paralysed, requiring our hero to drag her body and hide it behind some crates. )

It’s mostly still fun, however it really hasn’t aged well. And it also certainly doesn’t help that I spent much of the final week replaying the exquisite Ori & The Blind Forest, which will the genre approximately 23 times better. Shadow Complex feels clumsy, especially the jumping – the wall jumping is completely abysmal, as an example.


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