Sunday, May 22, 2016

Postal Redux-CODEX

POSTAL Redux is really a high definition remake of The Postal Dude's infamous first foray into the planet. Prepare to experience his psychological journey with faithfully recreated high resolution visuals, remastered music, sounds, and dialog, and revamped and modernized gameplay. Crazed gunmen out for the blood await you around every corner. The only real choice is clear : Have them before they help you get. Fight back having a devastating arsenal while you make the road via a violence-stricken town.

New Rampage mode : Take strive for the high score during this frantic mode that awards points for sustained kill streaks, creative methods of destruction, and blistering fast action !
Battle through 17 levels inside the classic Campaign : Beginning from the humble Home, traverse through The Mine and Trailer Park, witness the mean streets of The Ghetto and also the bright lights of The City, all of the method to the last standoff in the Air Force Base, including a stop in the all-new Carnival.
An array of foes : Defend yourself against gun crazy Vigilantes, trigger-happy Police Officers, trained and efficient SWAT and Military squads, the quintessential Marching Band, and angry Ostriches !
10 weapons of destruction : Lay waste using the mighty Shotgun and Spray Cannon, roast attackers with Molotovs and also the Flamethrower, fill the streets with fire using the Napalm Launcher, clear out entire groups with Grenades and also the Rocket Launcher (Heatseekers included ! ), lay traps for unsuspecting pursuers with varied kinds of Mines, and introducing the commanding Revolver ! 


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