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Upgrade your ship, fortify your defences and ready your weapons, because you’re visiting need all of the help you will get !
Armed towards the teeth and set on sheer destruction, waves of enemy drones are rushing in the direction of the mothership, Antares. You need to strategically create your defences in the very best possible locations while you take direct control of your respective Hammerhead defence craft designed with the deadliest weapons for example ; the multi-targeting Tesla Coil, the helium plasma Combustor as well as devastating Decimator.

Collect the Voidshards Collect the Voidshards

Offering seventeen upgradable weapons, the Hammerhead could be customised within your liking. Whether you favor the continuous fire from machine guns or intermittent missiles, the Hammerhead could be designed with two main weapons of your liking, tailoring the gameplay to any player’s style. Unfortunately, I soon realised that even though some weapons appear to become particularly useful with a glance, you are able to progress through the overall game rapidly simply by spamming the very first weapon that you will be given. When equipping and upgrading weapons, Excubitor will notify you of cool down times, choice of fire and numerous other terms that ought to impact the gameplay when playing a shooter. However, in practice, you are able to continuously fire throughout each level and notice very little change with your weapons accuracy.

Upgrade the turrets Upgrade the turrets

A big small portion the overall game also relies on turrets. You‘ll gradually unlock more turrets while you progress through the overall game and you‘ll want to position these on platforms near the area that you will be defending. It is going to be your responsibility to guard the Antares (a science vessel that‘s incredibly weak by itself ) therefore the turrets are pretty much essential for that section of the game. Afterward, you will need to protect multiple points upon the map directly. Tesseract Interactive have mentioned that to master the overall game, you will need to focus on three main concepts : Offense, Defence and Resource Management. Each new area would require a brand new strategy and can depend upon one to perfect your timing for all these concepts. Achieving this balance could be quite tricky at points but in case you use all that‘s open to you, it’s not too difficult. Use all guns blazing with no back-up coming from the turrets and you’ll sacrifice Antares and become forced to start out over. 

Bullet Hell

This leads me to a different complaint regarding the Antares ship. When fighting a boss, you are able to remove a number of its defences and weapons to really make it simpler to attack. These parts from the ship will merely be temporarily absent coming from the boss ship and can regenerate on their full health after a brief interval. However, the Antares (equipped with a few weak machine guns ) can‘t be healed and it is instead expected to withstand waves of enemies, plus special attacks coming from the boss. Early on inside the game, this Isn‘t a genuine problem but afterward, it may end a level very suddenly. Hovering the cursor during the Antares created a green border all around the ship though there was nothing that you can do past this. Consequently, I‘m unsure whether there will be choices for upgrading the ship’s weapons or healing it – they certainly Didn‘t exist inside the review build. Whenever you defeat a cluster of enemy ships, they‘re going to drop a power-up which could keep alternating, depending about how long you wait to retrieve it.

Protect the Antares Protect the Antares

Moreover, Excubitor could be played on three levels of difficulty labelled as ‘Normal’, ‘Hard’ and ‘Insane’. On its Steam Page, Tesseract also refers to NewGame+, describing it like the hardest game mode they‘ve ever created. Additionally they encourage players to replay levels in an effort to achieve the very best score possible so completionists will certainly be happy to listen to that the gold rank awaits them, in the end their labor. I played the overall game on Normal, which started off super easy. Normal levels generally stick with a similar structure : numerous waves of enemies, following a similar pattern of entry upon the map and also the same attack. While you progress, more varied enemies are introduced and additional quests will show on the screen, so if you need to complete all of them in one run, you’ll need to manage your time and effort very closely. After you‘ve completed each cluster of levels, you‘ll engage inside a boss fight.

Alien Environments Alien Environments

Furthermore, the overall game could be played on either keyboard and mouse or perhaps a controller. I tried playing the overall game on both and that they seemed to labor reasonably well, a lot of the time. However, I did have one problem whilst attempting to purchase turrets upon the controller. As you‘d expect, Excubitor implements a wheel system to purchase and upgrade the turrets. When attempting to select these by using the controller, the wheel frequently got stuck and stopped me from having the ability to select the desired turret. In the meantime, I might advise players to make use of a keyboard and mouse for that game, but this can be a small problem and could possibly be rectified from the time the last version of the overall game is released.


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