Thursday, April 28, 2016

The Walking Dead Michonne Episode 3

What We Deserve feels personal, a narrative so steeped in familial heartbreak it almost plays more as a visual stream-of-consciousness diary when compared to a choose-your-own-adventure zombie apocalypse story. What started like a typical tale about how you can survive the zombie apocalypse shifts in its final episode into your fascinating tale that asks the foremost relevant and important question of : why bother?

The fallout from the second episode is handled, for sure--and how you can leverage that outcome in an effort to please Norma and also the remnants from the shantytown Michonne helped ruin. Once it’s found out, however, Michonne is left like the only true adult inside a house of abandoned children. Time with these that follows could be played coldly, however the cruelty of Michonne keeping distance from those in need of assistance, given what she‘s and can envision, does not feel right. To bring Michonne this far usually is to accept the mother she was Didn‘t die together with her daughters, and greater than the machete at her back, this really is what could keep her alive. And such a lot of the very first half the episode goes, with Michonne carefully preparing her unconventional family to the worst. Aching, mournful moments lie within : a mother’s last letter, having to elucidate to a toddler what happened to his father, the choice to invest precious time for them to conduct a burial. But, it‘s all towards the benefit of Michonne herself, showing strength far beyond a chance to lop of zombie limbs.

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