Thursday, April 21, 2016

The Banner Saga 2-CODEX

The Banner Saga 2 begins at “Chapter 8” and ends just as its engrossing plot begins to attain a tipping point. It feels such as the central portion in an epic novel, torn straight coming from the binding. It’s a game that appears and feels practically identical to its predecessor released 2 yrs prior, however the attractiveness of their presentation--inspired by 1960’s Disney-style animation--and the refined combat system still stand strong, giving it an air of timelessness. The Banner Saga 2 presents a grand mythological odyssey and effectively conveys the hardships from the characters enduring it.

However, this isn‘t the ideal point to go into the series. The Banner Saga 2’s mechanics, its layers of consequential decision-making, strategic management, and tactical turn-based combat are enjoyable inside the confined context of the sequel, however the narrative events of The Banner Saga are intertwined using its mechanical decisions. Many plot developments and branching commitments, one among which players may need to make until the game even begins, are made stronger and morally complex with understanding of events from the very first game inside the series. 


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