Monday, April 18, 2016

Skullgirls: 2nd Encore Free Download PC Game

In 2012, new fighting franchise Skullgirls was widely praised to its creativity and dynamic fighting systems ; launchers, air-dashes, team assists, custom assists, snapbacks, blockbuster combos, wall bounces, ground bounces, superfluous bounces, and much more were all crammed straight into the ambitious title. The overall game has now made its way on your PlayStation 4 – cross-buy compatible using the imminent Vita version – as Skullgirls 2nd Encore, a 'Game from the Year' style repackaging. So what is new?

The foremost obvious change is 2nd Encore comes with all the DLC characters previously released : Big Band, Robo Fortune, Squigly, Eliza, and Beowulf go into the fray, bringing the core cast to 14. For the foremost part, these characters bring more mayhem and unlikely experimentation towards the formula.

Possessing a particularly unique design, Big Band is a huge one-man brass band who are able to charge in with armoured special moves to really lay down a beating. Robo Fortune is really a robotic version of undead cat-girl Ms. Fortune, summoning additional robotic cat heads to assist her powerful zoning game. Eliza includes a parasitic skeleton living inside her, which could pop out anytime to attack, and also has infinite armour – meaning that you may punch, kick, and blast the nasty critter to kingdom come, but its approach will certainly be relentless. 


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