Thursday, April 21, 2016

Pang Adventures Free Download

The Pang series is really a beloved collection of arcade video games from the first 90s. Guide two brothers on the quest worldwide to save lots of humankind given by a massive alien invasion ! Use your wits and skills to beat the attack balls pouring coming from the skies and rescue the world’s cities and landmarks from impending annihilation !

Pang Adventures brings new features and gameplay for this arcade legend and keep true to the initial spirit from the series.

● Local Co-op : Adventures are best shared ! The couch-coop feature will come in every game mode, allowing family and friends to team up and save the planet !

● Online Co-op : show off your skills and compete along with your worldwide friends to discover who are able to down the foremost balls !

● 3 different ball-popping modes :
Tour Mode : Fight back the alien forces, one location at any given time !
Score Attack : Save the planet with only 3 lives and NO CONTINUES ! The actual arcade experience !
Panic Mode : Bust balls as a legend ! 99 levels of continuous battle will place your skills to the best test !


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