Monday, April 18, 2016

Man O' War: Corsair

Man O' War : Corsair keeps spitting out trailers featuring great big fish and also the various angry races from the Warhammer universe, but I recall the short-lived tabletop Man O' War only with the sea-fog of distant memory. Just what the seafaring denizen from the Old World does using its free time I couldn't have said, but luckily Evil Twin Artworks' studio head James Carroll was on hand to talk me through Corsair and just how it is distinguishing itself amid the rising tide of Warhammer PC games. This isn’t an aligned turn-based version of the overall game. For those the initial tabletop game is great. It made sense to bring benefit of what it is that we could do having a PC by recreating the coastline from the Old World and allowing one to sail it. Beneath the hood will be the rules from the initial game and it is other expansions.

Plague Fleet and Sea of Blood. We like organic games that start to reside and breathe so we set it as much as play in real time having a changing world to understand more about. We knew We‘re onto something once playtesters started searching through their spyglasses and spotted giant Megalodon sharks surfacing inside the distance, consuming trading ships whole. 


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