Monday, April 11, 2016

How To Detect Nvidia GPU in PES2016 Working 100%

When you using Nvidia GPU to play Pro Evolution Soccer 2016, You may have the problem with Graphic Setting, you will find the GPU and VRAM in PES2016 was not detected, although you have the high nvidia gpu, the game will not able play on your PC, so on this post i will show you how to fix that problem, it's just simple trick and work 100%
Solution 1 :
 Download Good Setting on below link :
 1. Open Nvidia Control Panel
2. Select set PhySX Configuration, set to Geforce GT and Apply
3. In the 3D Manage settings Tab :
    a. Global setting set to High-Performance Nvidia Processor
    b. In Program Settings, add the PES2016.exe and Apply
4. Copy and Paste the files of Good Setting on your PES 2016 Installation folder

Note : Please use the solution 2 if solution 1 not working

Solution 2 :
Download dxcpl.exe on below link
1. run as admin "dxcpl"
2. click on edit list
3. click on "......"
4. Find Pes2016 folder and add "PES2016.exe" and "settings.exe"
5. click Apply
6. Done