Friday, April 15, 2016

Endless Legend Shifters-CODEX

Endless Legend Shifters Overview :
Endless Legends Shifters is developed and published beneath the banner of `AMPLITUDE Studios. Thus game was released on 7th April, 2016. You may also download Endless Legend The Lost Tales.
Endless when first came to Auriga they had been unable to find any empty planet. Rather than they found the one heaving vivaciously and joy. Here the folks referred to as Allayi are closely aligned to Auriga and the nature will alter like the season changes. Allayi are friendly in nature during summer while quite aggressive once the winter arrives. During this version of Endless Legend Shifters PC Game you can now build new districts plus can extract different resources. You might also need to construct defensive towers which may be done with pearls. Some new items have also been included during this game like Wintername Greaves, Skull of Ice Drakken, Tome of Auriga’s wrath and Ward of Vros Therman. You may also download Legends from the Dawn.

Features of Endless Legends Shifters :
Impressive RPG and strategy game.
Explore Auriga with Allayi.
Nature of Allayi changes with season.
Build new districts..
Extract different resources.
Build defensive towers.
New items included. 


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