Friday, February 19, 2016


You act as a common man named Henry. If the age is getting ripe in the end make him landed on someone sweet lady who seems worth fighting - Julia. Through a series of text as well as a wide selection of visible upfront game, you will be instructed to ensure that the fabric of the direction taken by Henry's. Both began to take the decision to live in unison with the old knitting, select what the dog as a pet, whether it be argued fitting event to start thinking problems figure of a child, to anyone who needs to sacrifice for other careers. Henry and Julia did live two human adults who fell in love both, realistic story of the son of man that certainly is not in a fairy tale. Because in fairy tales, there'll never be an ugly end.

Your life so beautifully upfront, especially when you meet with the different parts of the heart - Julia.
If only we could write that this love story "ended happily forever" to Henry and Julia. But unfortunately, like the world should work, one slog be a big test for both. At the age of 41, she had to meet with Alzheimer's disease that makes it difficult to re-call or create a memory in the brain. Thus chronic, she slowly but surely, started to forget who Henry. Struggling to deal with this situation, Henry eventually faced with the provisions to bring Julia back to her parents or put it to the home to care for others. These events run long enough, destroying the story "beautiful" Henry - Julia, to the extent of making Henry tried to find the fugitive. When Julia lived in unison with his parents in Australia, Henry took the decision to register yourself as someone Firewatch - keeper of the flame to organize and convince the forest fires do not take place in the Shoshone National Forest.

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