Friday, January 29, 2016

The Bug Butcher Free Download

 Developed by Awfully Nice Studios, The Bug Butcher is a two-dimensional action game that is quite in demand on Steam, making it one of the main indie games are much in demand. Awfully Nice Studios itself is an independent game studio based in Austria. Interestingly, the developer team only formed of only two people, namely Till Aschwanden as Creative Director and Rainer Zoettl as Programming Director. Both are former employees of Blizzard and decided to make a game that is fun and brings childhood memories by forming Awfully Nice Studios in 2014. Perhaps some of you own and play this game via Steam, but if not then you should know more. This shooter game has a fairly fast tempo game with the firing mechanism aliens shaped like insects vertically. Here you will play as Harry, a persistent ambition Exterminator eradicate the alien insects.

The Bug Butcher now equipped with 30 levels and 5 boss is ready to deal with. In this game you can also try a variety of different types of weapons that have been designed with its own uniqueness. Start of Old Reliable, a practical laser gun with unlimited bullets to Edison's Medicine are on the stun effect grabbed at every bullet. Not forgetting the various power-ups and supporting Harry's survival is dropped randomly during play.

Minimum Specification :

OS             : Windows Vista or Later
Processor  : Intel Core Duo or Faster
Memory    : 4GB RAM
Storage      : 1GB Available


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