Will a Computer Science Degree Land You a High Paying Job?

Tech jobs are already among the highest-paying jobs on the market. In terms of career paths, tech is usually a safe bet. But when it comes to planning for a career in tech, how can you be sure your degree will net you the highest paying job after you graduate? If you’re set on getting a degree in a tech-related field, computer science will offer you the widest range of opportunities along with the most competitive pay. Here are a few reasons why a computer science degree salary will always beat out the competition.

High Demand

When it comes to tech, most jobs already pay well above what the average non-tech graduate makes in their first job out of school. However, with computer science majors, the pay rate is further increased due to the consistent demand for IT professionals in almost every field. While the average non-graduate salary for tech professionals starts at about $30,000 a year, the average salary for a computer science major begins at about $50,000 a year, nearly double the non-graduate figure. Over 70 percent of computer science majors report being hired within a year after graduating, while another 15 percent continue studying afterward. The growing demand for experienced computer science majors hasn’t shown any signs of slowing down yet.

Diverse Application

As a computer science major, there will be very few fields you won’t be able to work in. Since most fields require some level of tech, and since the IT departments of many companies are also the best-paid departments, you’ll already be at a highly competitive level in terms of earning. Whether you’re interested in medicine, finance, or development, as a computer science major you’ll automatically be in a position to earn more than your non-graduate counterparts in the tech sector.

Job Growth

Salaries for computer science majors tend to start out comfortable and work their way up to lavish in a matter of years. Since tech is a relatively new industry, there’s a huge amount of job growth and upward mobility within established companies and startups alike. Many graduates start out making $50,000 a year only to end up earning six figures in a matter of years. With many tech jobs, there’s also the possibility of earning stock equity, especially when you’re working for a startup. Tech jobs tend to place workers on the ground floor of something with a very high market potential, ensuring increased earnings for workers the longer they stay at the company.

Global Possibilities

Tech is a global industry that keeps expanding with each new year. Because of this, many of the highest-paying jobs for computer science majors can be found overseas, in places where the strength of local currency outweighs the dollar. Many computer science degree programs, such as those offered by Maryville University and Emerson College, try to encourage the potential for overseas hiring by setting up study abroad programs for students. During these programs, students are able to meet with companies abroad, learn about the potential for working globally, and are encouraged to network with a broad range of professionals in the tech industry.


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