TOS Android app Review: An Ultimatum for All Nightmares You are Facing

Since the invention of technology in the shape of smartphones and it’s continuously proliferation among the people, privacy has become a myth today. The world is becoming the planet of smartphones; therefore it revolutionizes the world of monitoring applications.  Parents are facing horrible nightmares when their kids and teens got issues such as cyber bullying, stalkers, identity theft, kidnapping, pornographic content, psychological and other physical health issues from social media. Employers are facing nightmares in the shape of data breaching activities and lack of interest in working hours by the employees. TOS cell phone monitoring application come forward to eradicate and combat with all the issues which parents, employees and loved ones are facing in the contemporary times.

Rise in Radicalization and TheOneSpy android Software:

There are plenty of groups and communities are available in real-life and on digital media which are supporting radicalization. In this situation, parents are very concerned about the brought-up of their kids and teens. Young kids and teens who are the regular user of all social media platforms such as Facebook, Tinder, Whats app, Yahoo and others often got into the trap of radical elements. Some of kids and teens got unethical habits, some got criminal activities, some got extremist nature and some of them become victims to the radical elements. That is the reason behind developing of android TOS surveillance software; parents can scrutinize all the activities which kids and teens perform on their smartphone devices and on social media. Android cell phone spy app provides parents tactical advantage of prior knowledge of their kids and teens activities.

An Overview what is TheOneSpy android app?

TOS android cell phone spy software is developed in order to monitor the target. It works under the complete secrecy and doesn’t give clue to its target cell phone user. Every spy app whether it is x, Max, flax whatever it is does not make a difference, but when it comes offering quality along with the quantity TheOneSpy android tracking app stands first among all the monitoring applications. Since the spy software came into existence, it has stunned its competitors and spread smile among the user having plenty of powerful and user-friendly features. The android tracking app have not developed for millionaires only, it is for all, having reasonable price and it offers back to back discount offers to users and non-users on every event. All the data from the target device transferred to the web-based dashboard of the spy software. It provides access to the all of the activities which are being performed by the target user.

TOS android software Pioneering Features:

TheOneSpy android monitoring software has spectacular spying features. Quality is the aim of android spy app and quantity is the gift for parents who want to keep an eye on their kids and employers who want to make secure company-owned data and want to examine their employees work performance.

Bug their phone:

The user can send command on target smartphone device to record surrounding sounds through MIC bug feature. It also empowers user to make short videos through Spyvidcam feature and allow you to capture photos through the back and front camera with the help of cam bug feature of the android spy software.

Spy on Calls:

Now record calls of your target smartphone device, either the device is using by kids and teens, employees and spouse. The user can record all calls at any time through record call feature of the monitoring app. It allows user to see call history as well through view call history of the android tracking software.

Spy on Messages:

Being the parent, employee and spouse spy on all sent or received messages of your kids and teen, employees and partners with the help of text messages spy software. The user can track MMS, BBM messages and heads up tickers notification with the help of spy on messages feature.

IM’s Social Media:

Social media websites & apps are spreading horrible things such as health issues, cyberbullying, narcissism, radicalization, pornography of psychological disorders, and others. Parents can eradicate all nightmares they are facing through IM’s social media feature of the surveillance app. Now spy on all instant messaging applications logs such as Facebook, Whatsapp, Line, Vine, and others.


Spy on all keystrokes applied on your target cell phone device, through keylogger feature. The user can get access to email keystrokes, password keystrokes, messenger keystrokes and SMS keystrokes.

Track GPS Location:

Parents who are suspicious about kids and teens whereabouts, employers who are worried about the late supply of their goods from their employees and spouse who is thinking that his/her partner have second thoughts. Just need to use Track GPS location feature and get information of the exact location of your target smartphone device. It provides you current GPS location, weekly GPS location history, and bookmarks safe and restricted areas.

Read Emails:

Spy on all sent or received emails and Gmail’s with the help of Reading email feature of the spy software and also get access to Gmail’s through view Gmail feature of the tracking app.

View Multimedia Files:

The user can monitor all activities of target phone user such as screen shots through capture screen shot feature, photos with the help of look at their photos, view all videos by using view their videos and listen to all voice recording through view phone activities feature of the cell phone spy software.

Monitor Internet Activities:

The user can see all the browsing activities such as view browsing history logs, visited all websites and bookmarked websites with the help of monitor internet activities feature of the surveillance app.

View Phone Activities:

TOS app empowers the user to spy phone book of the target device, calendar events, view all appointments schedule of your target user with the help of view phone activities feature of the monitoring application.

Instant Alerts:

The user can get instant alerts if the child and spouse suddenly make their mind to change the SIM card and you will get a notification through instant alerts feature of tracking cell phone software.

Remotely Phone Controller:

The user can control the target device remotely such as view installed apps, lock and unlock the device, control SMS command, pause or start the app, uninstall the spy app, set monitoring preferences, block SMS while driving and block incoming calls though remotely control feature of the spy app.


Theonespy cell phone spy software is compatible with all the android and IOS and blackberry smartphone devices.


Save your kids and teens from all possible nightmares, grow your business being an employer and make long lasted your relationship by removing all suspicions with the TheOneSpy cell phone monitoring application. We serve humanity rather than just making money, TOS is for everyone.

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