The 5 best CRM software for business processes managing at hyper speeds

Nowadays, being static is a way leading to failure. Digital technologies have significantly changed the methods of business management, as structural units of business became a part of united info systems. In this case, obligatory automation appeared to be an additional impulse for business processes management.

Business management is like a riding at a high speed, when reaction on received information is a key factor. System management must be supplied with leverages and means of information processing. And the only process that can create the relevant management system is CRM applications.

In this topic the 5 best CRM software systems are presented:

  1. BPM’online

One of the best CRM software systems is BPM’online. The basis of the software is BPM system, which is built on one of the most popular notation BPMN 2.0. With environments of process designing, implementation and monitoring integrated, the software allows decreasing time for commissioning of new process. Through this software, users can operate pre-configured processes, based on the best business experiences, or individual processes, which would fit best the conditions of user’s own business.

Terrasoft Company has added DCM (dynamic case management) Technology to the software for dynamic business processes with unpredictable and various results to be designed and managed.

The key advantages:

  • Cloud and on-site system deployment
  • Low-code – simple custom settings, which do not demand an IT-specialist’s support.
  • Out-of-the-box – ready to run solutions, allowing automating business objectives in short time.
  • Smart Technologies – instruments, implementing a part of users’ objectives.
  1. Docvision

A CRM software for workflow and business processes management automation. The software operates open interfaces of applying programming, which allows creating custom applications, based on individual case conditions, or ready to run solutions with parametric settings.

System capabilities:

  • Business processes and objectives management with modern management techniques taken into account.
  • Paperwork automation
  • Remote control (also through mobile devices)
  • Wide range of integration gateway, scaling
  1. BPM

An automated software for business processes automation. It implements the objectives of paperwork management and control automation of functioning and tasks completing. The software provides planned implementation of business processes due to customizable access rights management and automated routing.

System capabilities:

  • Automation of all business processes, including B2B
  • Integration with accounting systems and 1C
  • United database and electronic repository creation
  1. Globus Professional

A software for business processes of units automation, which includes both ready to run modules and customization constructor for additional processes. The solution automates both paperwork and key objectives implementation. The key advantages of the software are adaptability and capability to integrate it with other software.

System capabilities:

  • Electronic paperwork creation
  • Time management
  • Risk management
  • Analytics
  1. bb workspace

It is ECM system (Enterprise Content Management) with BPM functions, which maintains the full process of paperwork management: from creation to archiving in databases. The software contains STP Technology of straight-through processing of information.

System capabilities:

  • Interactive interface
  • Integration with MS Word and Excel
  • Automated mailing and system notifications
  • Electronic documents containing

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