Technology and Fitness; More Than Just a High-Tech Gym

If you were to give your honest immediate thoughts when somebody asked you about technology and fitness, you would think to a new piece of fancy equipment which you saw or used at your new fitness studio. And while you wouldn’t be wrong in the fact that this is a mixture of technology and fitness, it is in no way technologically advanced.

Believe it or not, the most tech-forward fitness products available are actually sold in stores to regular fitness enthusiasts, just like you.

Let’s Start With Running

The majority of people don’t worry too much about their feet when they run. Often picking up a deal from the Groupon Coupons page for ALDO, strapping up their laces and just heading to the park for a run.

What these people often find, however, is that they aren’t feeling too great the next day, or the next day, or the next. This leads them to stop exercising and lose the benefits they were hoping to achieve.

This is where technology can help. Small devices from a range of manufacturers can either be slipped into a running shoe or attached to the laces to record and provide accurate data, such as:

  • How long you ran for
  • Where you ran
  • At what time did the ball reach certain speeds
  • When you showed signs of exhaustion
  • How you performed on an incline

For people interested in their health and fitness, this information is vital to learning about your performance and tracking your progress. With a device attached to your shoe, this level of information, and more can be wirelessly transferred to your smartphone, giving you easy to understand data and graphs showing you everything you want to know about your latest run, including how your feet performed. For example, did they roll, were your ankles too tight, etc.

Batter Up!

If you have ever watched a baseball game then you know just how fast the ball is thrown. Giving this thought, imagine what level of precision the pitcher needs to attain to ensure the best strike zone! Imagine all of the hours of practice, doing nothing but throwing balls! And while it definitely takes a whole lot of work, technology also provides a lot of help.

For example, Smart Baseballs are often utilized by serious players looking to improve on their throw. These balls can provide information back to the player and the coach, such as:

  • How the pitcher handles the ball before the throw
  • The trajectory of the ball during the throw
  • Any forecast trajectory variations (wide disturbance)
  • The speed
  • At which point in its journey did it reach maximum velocity
  • How the ball performed in the air (spin/balance)

Each time that the pitcher throws the ball during practice, this information is immediately provided to the coach and the pitcher, allowing them to improve their pitch every time they throw the ball.

From reading about just two of the fitness-oriented technologies available you can gain an idea as to just how far technology’s reach is into the world of fitness, and how both professional players and regular fitness enthusiasts like yourself can utilize it and receive its benefits.

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