Different methods to download the Windows 7 legally

Get a Replacement disk from the manufacturer

This is another legal way of getting your hands on Windows 7 ultimate OS free download full version with key, but it might not be as other simpler processes.

If your Windows 7 came with your PC, then you will have to contact the Manufacturer of your PC to send the replacement disc. They might charge a tiny fee for the replacement, but it is definitely worth it instead of getting into illegal methods or buying a new one. If you bought Windows 7 separately, then you will have to contact Microsoft Supplemental Parts team to get the replacement disc. The customer representative will let you know if there are any fees or charges in the process of replacement.

Extend the free trial of windows till 360 days

If you have never purchased Windows 7 ultimate operating system with key and are looking to get your hands on it and its product key for free and legally, then you can’t do that.

When you install Windows 7 by any means, you are prompted to provide a valid product key to activate the Windows. But you also have the option to skip the prompt and access Windows 7 30 day Trial version.

The trial version will come with all the features, but when it will expire your Windows will not work properly. However, there is a way to extend the trial period by 30 more days using slmgr -rearm command, which has been added by Microsoft to extend the trial period. You can use the slmgr -rearm command up to 3 times, which means you effectively get total 120 days out of your Windows 7 trial.

Now, you can also make another tweak that will let you use the slmgr –rearm command up to 8 times. This means you get to use Windows 7 Trial for up to 240 more days and 240+120 = 360 days, that is almost a year. If you are okay with using slmgr -rearm command after every 30 days, then you can easily use Windows 7 for free with all the features for almost a year.

For using slmgr –rearm command, just press Windows+R buttons to open “Run”, you can also open it from the Start menu. In the “Run” window type “cmd” and click on “OK”. This will open Command Prompt, just type slmgr -rearm or copy paste it in the Command Prompt. Now press enter and after a short delay, you will be prompted to restart your computer. Once restarted the trial period will reset to 30 days.

Unfortunately, Microsoft doesn’t offer a Windows 7 ultimate operating system free download full version with key trial anymore, so you will have to get Windows 7 by any other mean, such as from anyone’s DVD or from any other old DVD.

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