Best Encryption Software in 2017

Are you looking for the best encryption software in 2017? Well, we have just the right list consisting of some of the best software you should consider using. This type of software definitely has the functions that many people need. Encryption is what you need to make sure no laptop thief or hacker can parley their possession into various criminal acts like bank account takeover, identity theft and any other worse acts. This particular software also works to allow safe sharing with others through the transmission of decrypted password that is performed under separate cover. 

Features of Encryption Software

In terms searching for the best encryption software, it is important to figure out whether or not the software has the required features or system. In this case, there are some main features that should always be available. For instance, the software allows files encryption but also whole as effective defense line for any single device. In terms of function, the software is actually grouped into two categories. The first category represents product that only processes folders and files before turning it into some version of impenetrable encrypted files. Meanwhile another group represents products that create virtual disk drive acting as other system drive when open. And, once you lock virtual drive, you have made all your files inaccessible.

To find out which product right for you is based on the need you have. And, it also depends on how you want to use the encryption. It is recommended to get the free trial first in case you still cannot make your choice. Hopefully, in the end of the trial, you can make your decision.

Best Software of Encryption

Today, there are so many options of encryption software available in the market with so many features and systems being offered. Some products may be easy to use while some others are more secured or more comprehensive. Basically, it is all your decision to choose the right product for your need. But at least, we can help you by narrowing down the options.

Let’s start with the AxCrypt Premium with modern and sleek look. It allows you to automatically have the files in Secured Folders encrypted every time you sign out. This feature is definitely one of the best features for public use that you can get.

Another recommended product is known as CertainSafe Digital Safety which comes with a pack of great features. It works with the support of multistage security handshake which either authenticates website to user or authenticates user to website. Once you have the files encrypted, you can simply split them into chunks before tokenizing them. Then, different server is used to store each chunk to make sure hacker doesn’t get anything useful.

Folder Lock, a recommendation from our editor represents a product that can both encrypt files and lock them. Once locked, none can have access to the files. And it also comes with a feature known as encrypted lockers that are designated for secure storage. Other functional features include free space shredding, file shredding, self-decrypting files and secure online backup.

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